(Don’t) Hold my Hand~!

Dreams. Dreams. Dreams. Portal to an unknown world. Or a mean of communicating by your inner self to you…

If I dream something vividly, one thing’s for sure… It means something. There is a message behind that dream. And right now, I want to know what that dream means.

There have been 3 dreams which includes you, him and holding my hand. Three different dreams, two were premonitions/messages. How about this last one?

1st dream. I dreamed of you holding my hand while running. We ran and passed through a lot of people and places. Until we reached my aunt’s place. We sat down and my aunt started talking to us. And when I finally decided to hold your hand tighter… That’s when I realized I’m just holding thin air. There’s no you. I’m only holding thin air.

The message: We are not meant to be. You held my hand for a while only. You are not the person to hold my hand forever. 🙂

2nd dream. We were sitting in a bus going to a place we both know. You were holding my hand when suddenly you let go. I was sleeping by that time but I could feel you removing my head from your shoulder and letting it lay on the window of the bus.

The message: My friend told me the day after that you decided to give up on me. You told her you’re letting go.

3rd dream: We were riding the Viking. I was so scared that I held your hand tight. After the ride, I let go of it. But somehow, I realized that this could be my last chance. The chance I’ve been waiting for. I held your hand and dragged you somewhere. Just like how you dragged me to my aunt the first time. But when I was finally loosening my hold on your hand, you held my hand tight. So tight as if you don’t wanna let go..

I really don’t know what does the 3rd dream mean. But seriously, I’m on the state of really letting go and moving on right now. I’m driving on a straight path and doesn’t think of doing a u-turn. But why is this happening? Why do I have to dream of this? Moreover, after I told myself that I’m not gonna take a u-turn anymore, I saw this book in a bookstore. The title? “God allows U-turns…For Women” Okay. God, is this a sign? Are you telling me that I have to continue hoping coz he really is the one? Should I do a u-turn now?  But why now? Why now that I have no intentions of returning and finally decided to continue moving forward?

Confused. 😐