Finding peace while up in the mountain. It was autumn last year when my friends and I decided to climb 무등산 once again. This time we took another trail, which was actually going to the peak. While we were on our way, I saw this tree and took a picture of it. I found the scene so serene. The tree stood with the grasses being blown by the autumn wind… ^^




GDragon? Gemdrei!

GD. A name well-known in the Kpop world. A person who has been my inspiration for a couple of years already. A name of a friend. The first letter of the syllables that I got from my mother’s and father’s name (Gem and Drei). A nickname I gave myself.

GD. Just two letters but the meanings are beyond that number. Just like anything that you see.

Anything may be very simple when you see but look closer and you’ll find it’s never what it seems to be. ~2010-02-10


On this very hot day of February 4th, I am just staying at home, pushing the buttons of my laptop to create words, phrases and sentences on the screen. Just one of those bum days I’m having and continue to have until summer classes start this April. I’m on vacation ~ sort of. I just came back from outer space, almost three weeks ago.  School here and there starts and ends at a different time so there goes the gap and I’m free from January till March… But I’m planning to work for the time being… However, I’m still enjoying the things brought about by boredom so I haven’t started it yet.

Very good Gemdrei~! That’s so good~!

And this is being sarcastic.

I created this blog in order for me to have a place to throw all the writings and scribblings I’ve done in years. Many may not know this but I do write. And I love writing. O well, that’s except the formal papers I have to do in school. I hate writing formal papers but I love writing in abstract or in random (like this.) Aside from writing I also love  taking photos not of myself but of places and sceneries. And I love traveling. Good combinations, huh?

Though I’ll be throwing some “trashes” here, they’re not for “recycling”. They may not “decompose” but still I don’t want other people to “recycle” them. Or maybe I could give permission, just ask. I don’t eat people, I just bite… 🙂